Fish oils help cancer patients improve nutrition and avoid weight loss

Fish oils and reducing cachexia risk
New research presented in the British Journal of Nutrition has found that supplementation using long-chain omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils can help people with advanced lung cancer avoid cachexia.

Researchers at San Giovanni Battista Hospital in Turin, Italy conducted a placebo-controlled clinical trial and confirmed previous conclusions that the continual consumption of EPA plus DHA determined an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative action which could be considered a preliminary goal in anti-cachectic therapy. The nutrition levels of the patients taking the fish oils improved significantly.

In the research, lung cancer patients were given a placebo or four capsules per day containing 510 mg of EPA and 340 mg of DHA for 66 days. Patients underwent chemotherapy and at 8, 22 and 66 days. Researchers found that lung cancer patients receiving n-3 or omega-3 fatty acids increased body weight, decreased c-reactive protein, IL-6 levels during chemotherapy, had lower levels of plasma reactive oxygen species levels and stable hydroxynonenal levels, compared to the patients in the placebo group.

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So, apart from increasing anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory action, patients increased body weight and had less risk of cachexia (potentially fatal weight loss due to the chemotherapy drugs). No doubt all oncologists treating lung cancer patients will advise fish oil supplementation.

Boston College Biology Professor Dr. Seyfried has already pulled together various research studies on the same phenomenon, noting that attacked cancer cells produce the agent that produces cachexia during their anaerobic glycolysis. Fish oils can interrupt this formation. See Fasting and cancer (Click Here)
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