Prevention and Survivial

Important Tips to prevent cancer

Originally published in September-October 2004 icon

Prevention and Survivial ~ The Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet

Scientists all over the world are trying to develop the magic bullet - the single, easy-to-take, cure for cancer. But does it already exist? Is the research simply being ignored?

This article could save people each year in the UK from developing cancer, and others from death.

Here’s the good news:

In 1993 a complete five-year study involving 38,000 people was presented by American scientists.

They had tested different vitamins and minerals on groups of Chinese, but only used just twice the RDA of each, hardly a high dose. One group in a high cancer region of China took beta-carotene, selenium and vitamin F.

The result. Cancer fell 13 per cent; Deaths fell 21 per cent.

Open quotesCancer fell in men by 31% and overall deaths fell by 37%Close quotes

In 2003 a seven year study involving 17,000 people was presented by French scientists. They gave their trial groups five antioxidants in one pill: beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin F, zinc selenium.

The result. Cancer fell in men by 31 per cent, and overall deaths fell by 37 per cent.


1: Beta carotene Water-soluble, so take small amounts several times per day. Cancer patients could take 3 mgs, 4 times per day.

Beta-carotene2: Vitamin C  Water-soluble, as beta-carotene. Cancer patients could take 500 mgs, 4 times per day. Take as ester-C with bioflavenoids.

3: Vitamin E  Take 400-1000 International Units per day, preferably d-form. Its from natural sources.

4: Zinc  Take 15 mgs per day.

5: Selenium  Take up to, but not exceeding, 200 micrograms per day.

Food Sources

1: Beta-carotene  Chlorella, spirulina, carrots, red peppers, water melon, apricots, pumpkins, cherries, spinach, kale.

Red pepper

Vitamin C Red pepper, berries, pineapple, citrus fruits, green vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes.

3: Vitamin E  Its hard to eat more than 60 IU’s per day but here goes: pumpkin, sunflower/sesame seeds, soya, wheatgerm, nuts, wholegrain, eggs.

4: Zinc  Oysters, sunflower and sesame seed, steak, chicken, eggs, wheatgerm, shellfish.

5: Selenium  Fresh tuna, lobster, onions, broccoli, tomatoes, nuts, chicken breast, sunflower seeds.
Important Tips to prevent cancer
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